Muszeo's love of music started at a young age, with parental encouragement towards the family piano, guitars and later to pickup an oboe for the first time. Muszeo's first recording was made at the tender age of 6 months, sitting on a parent's knee and bashing madly and sometimes tunefully at piano keys. During school years in the 1980s and 90s Muszeo composed using a midi piano, synth modules and notation software for the Acorn Archimedes A440 computer, writing sometimes for the school orchestra, and continued to develop classical training in oboe.

Muszeo is based in Wellington, New Zealand.


Muszeo's process starts with sketching the outline of a track from end-to-end with basic constructs like chord sequences, main melodies and the location of any events like key, meter or tempo changes. The focus at this stage is to develop the direction of the music at a holistic level, to concentrate on overall form rather than individual instruments, and to align the track with the story it is telling. This stage usually involves basic piano, synth pad or strings sounds that allow the themes of the music to be explored and stated simply. Writing mainly in the soundtrack genre, Muszeo's tracks don't follow a 'normal' song structure, but develop instead more organically.

Following this, the music goes through many iterations and hours of sometimes mind-numbing development in layering instruments into and out of the track, adjusting dynamics and expressions and developing rhythms. Melodies spawn variations and counter melodies, chord sequences are amended, crescendos and diminuendos introduced, specialised reverbs and other channel effects are added to instruments to increase depth and scale, until finally a fluid end-to-end piece forms up.

Once the overall track is roughly complete, the next stage is to master the track using a variety of tools and techniques so that the overall piece plays well and sounds good.


Muszeo's composition toolset is based on the Apple Logic Digital Audio Workbench (or "DAW") and a (relatively, for a composer) small number of instrument, channel effect and mastering pluggins. Logic's ES2 and Sculpture synth instruments feature heavily in Muszeo's tracks, as do EastWest Symphonic Orchestra, EastWest Choirs, 8DIO Free Angels, 8DIO Hybrid Tools, 8DIO Dubstep, Embertone Arcane, Embertone Friedlander Violin, Native Instruments Stock Instruments, Native Instruments Retro Synths and Embertone Intimate Strings. Muszeo also uses the Valhalla DSP Room reverb plugin. From a hardware perspective, a 61-key M-AUDIO MIDI controller, M-AUDIO studio monitors, Focusrite Scarlet USB pre-amp, Polk-Audio Headphones and two 24-inch screen montiors, all running off a Mac Mini with 8GB of RAM, makes up the suite.


All of Muszeo's music is copyright (c) Muszeo/Martin Hunter, with all rights reserved.

Personal Use

Most current tracks can be downloaded free-of-charge for personal use only from SoundCloud.

All of Muszeo's albums and most individual tracks can also be purchased for personal use only from Bandcamp.

Commercial Use

Some of Muszeo's music is available for licensing. Please send Muszeo a message using SoundCloud with details of the track you are interested in and the purpose that you would like to use it for.

Muszeo is happy to consider licensing music free-of-charge for use in primary, secondary, tertiary education and other educational contexts.

Muszeo has also worked on commissioned music projects and is happy to consider proposals.